Carmela Coffee Company

Society today has turned many practical places into purpose-driven spaces. Friends meet where employers conduct interviews. Freelancers set up where students study. Crain Atlantis had a coffee shop client that wanted to transform their facility into a more productive area. The owner wanted to utilize the high ceilings of the shop and build a mezzanine as an extra office space. A Crain Atlantis architect scouting the shop knew immediately that a small mezzanine is possible, but that possibility was riddled with questions of how a mezzanine could hold up in such a space. Columns were considered but setting up large columns in the middle of a coffee shop would pose another set of issues. Through a quick collaboration with Crain Atlantis engineers, the structural issue was resolved immediately. The engineer suggested that a mezzanine could easily be sustained from the roof of the building. Many such unilateral design and construction limitations are effortlessly resolved through the constant and easy collaboration that exists uniquely at Crain Atlantis.

Carmela Coffee Company
Delray Beach, FL
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