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We deeply believe that our clients deserve everything we can offer. For this reason, we go above and beyond traditional industry expectations and provide 40-year certification and litigation support.

We specialize in investigation and analysis of accidents, material failures, and disasters that have resulted in personal injury, damage to property, or economic loss. We get to the root cause of issues with sound science and decades-worth of forensic expertise—and we assist clients until satisfaction is realized.

Our Forensic Disciplines

Our experts and litigation support teams handle everything from basic claims to the nuances of procedural law, so our clients are never alone when faced with a legal challenge.

40-Year Recertification

Condominium building safety inspections

Litigation Support

Claims and defense with respective to insurance, disasters, and more

Expert Witness

Technical expertise and full analysis of existing and potential risk and deficiencies


Depositions, statements, and court assistance

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