Record Enterprise Television

Crain Atlantis renovated and restored a commercial/retail building in Lighthouse Point, FL into a complete broadcast studio.

What some may see as a large renovation and restoration project was something we viewed as a transformation project.

Renovating an existing 1.25-acre commercial building into a distinctive facility was a challenge all on its own. Record Enterprise needed a Class A building that has the full functionality of a broadcast studio. From the moment Crain Atlantis was contracted for this project, we have provided all architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, plumbing, and environmental engineering necessary. We acquired all the essential management and building construction permits to get this project off the ground.

In addition to usual building construction requirements, Record Enterprise also had unique needs for its studio business. Crain Atlantis engineered the media centers in the facility to accommodate for specific acoustical attributes. Dressing rooms, recording rooms, and technical data rooms had to be engineered specifically as well. We also designed a Chroma studio and a main studio with suspended grids.

Record Enterprise Television
Lighthouse Point, Florida
Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Plumbing and Environmental Engineering

There were architectural elements that needed addressing for this project, including the redesign of a 25,000 square foot building.

We redesigned entire walls, ceilings, studios, and the roof for maximized acoustic utilization. The mitigation of excessive noise was paramount to the use of the building, so we assured proper measures in order to make this happen. Crain Atlantis also provided excellent life safety and security with controls for all entry points. We implemented biometric and card readers for interior access control. We also supplied top of the line fire sprinkler and dry fire suppression systems for the entire studio building. We performed roof structure renovations, provided various chiller systems, and so much more. We provided Record Enterprise with a 1/8” scale model of our vision for their building, showing both interior and exterior faculties. We’ve inspired their company with 3D renderings of what the exterior of their building and the lobby would look like once the project is finalized.

As an ongoing project for Crain Atlantis, we continue to provide Construction Administration services for Record Enterprise, and we will see to it that only the highest quality efforts see this project to completion.

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