Royal Creek Tennis Club

At Crain Atlantis, we seek to tell the story of our clients through our designs.

We believe that architecture is the creative conduit to connection. We believe that quality design and the meticulous curating of the right materials lead to a final product that’s more pleasing for the end user.

The owner at Royal Creek Tennis Club presented us with a unique design challenge to balance change with permanence. We were asked to come up with a design that departed completely from the existing character of the building. We had to implement this change while maintaining integration with the interior of the building. In addition, we were also required to address the necessary functionality of a tennis club.

Elegance. Durability. Versatility. These were our immediate goals in our design. We paid attention to the play of natural light and the dynamics of the interior architecture. We put our focus on acquiring a palette of materials that helped us tell the Royal Creek Tennis Club’s story. In the end, we turned the reception desk into the warmest hello. We transformed the stairs into a monumental statement. We created seating areas where friends have become family. We designed a place that was meant to be remembered—to be a part of every guest’s personal story.

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