Tamarac Elementary School

TamaracElementary School (150,000 SF): Scope for this project included a completerenovation of the HVAC system, new Fire protection systems, building envelopeimprovements, and covered walkway renovations. HVAC renovations consisted ofthe design and specification of a new, high efficiency campus chilled watersystem and over nine (9) air handling units, including controls and balancing.Fire Protection included the design of complete fire sprinkler coverage for themain school building, including design of a new fire line to feed the system.Building Envelope improvements included window and door repair, re-roofing,stucco and painting.

The School Board of Broward County
Tamarac, Florida
Civil, Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Protection

CrainAtlantis assessed the needs of the school, established a validated budget anddesigned a complete solution to address the deficiencies. Crain Atlantisprepared a complete set of design documents for permitting and construction,liaised with all governing bodies and has continued to provide bid assistanceand construction administration in accord with all applicable Florida BuildingCodes. The project is 100% designed and construction is ongoing. Theconstruction bid value is $1,600,000 and has a project timeline of 365 days.

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