Villa Magna Condominium

Crain Atlantis performed a complete HVAC system wide replacement for the Villa Magna Condominium Association, Inc. in Highland Beach, FL. The Villa Magna Association, a 92-unitcommunity in Highland Beach was redesigned and constructed under Crain Atlantis. CA was able to reduce the water and electricity consumption significantly by performing comprehensive HVAC analysis, design, and construction management. Deteriorating steel pipes were replaced with copper and PVC lines which reduced friction and thus provided the energy needed for amore efficient operation. Older water heating and air conditioning units were replaced with energy-efficient models. Additionally, the domestic water pumps were replaced with lower wattage, variable-speed pumps with automatic timers to switch pumps. The new pumps were not water-cooled, eliminating a 10 gallon per minute usage. Additional improvements included solar tinting of west-facing lobby windows, high-efficiency heat pump replacements, and lighting upgrades which switched to energy efficient, compact fluorescent lighting in all areas. After project completion, property management reported that Crain Atlantis saved the Condominium over $68,000 per year in building energy consumption costs.

Villa Magna Condominium Association, Inc.
HIghland Beach, FL
Complete Replacement of the HVAC System/ Water & Energy Conservation

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