Waste Connections Transfer Station

There are many necessary industries that exist in order to make society habitable and enjoyable. Waste Connections is a company that operates solid waste transfer facilities throughout North America. They function to efficiently receive and process local solid waste before transportation into various landfills. Crain Atlantis has an ongoing project with a Waste Connections transfer station locally. The main challenge for the architects at Crain Atlantis was to find a way to better incorporate the unsightly functionality of a waste transfer station into a thriving social community. We needed to design a solution to the unwanted sight and smell of waste in transit. Among many things that Crain Atlantis did for Waste Connections, we provided a green buffer that encloses the waste facility within walls of trees. On another side of the station, Crain Atlantis also setup an effective sprinkler system that virtually eliminated the flow of dust throughout. This system also improved the overall working conditions in the station office, making it more conducive to productivity. The result is a renewed respect for the workplace that is expected to reverberate throughout the community.

Waste Connections Transfer Station
Deerfield Beach, FL

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