George M. Petrocelli, P.E.

Executive Vice President

"In today's world, conservation of our resources is a top priority. Our designs strive to provide energy efficient systems that offer a properly controlled air quality environment in new, existing and renovation projects."


When George Petrocelli took over ownership of Crain Engineering in 1991, he knew he was at the helm of a local transformation. During that time, the quality of construction and level of code compliance in the industry were at an extreme low. Petrocelli had the idea that in order to make a difference, they needed to do more than impact and report on existing construction deficiencies. They needed to be problem solvers, and they could only do it through excellent designs. Hands-on experience and incumbent learning have shaped Petrocelli’s career over the last few decades. He developed a proficiency in construction management unlike any other, and he continues to exude excitement about the progress of the industry to this day. Petrocelli’s extensive knowledge in the fields of civil, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineering has been instrumental in the success of Crain Atlantis’ merger. He has also led the company’s litigation support team, which is driven by his passion for client advocacy. He’s an expert in construction and forensic investigation and has served as an expert witness in past litigations. As Executive Vice President of Crain Atlantis, George Petrocelli is involved in the company’s daily operations, and he seeks to mentor young engineers to become the industry’s future trailblazers.


Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Roger Williams College - 1974

Associates in Electrical Engineering from Roger Williams College - 1968

Associates in Mechanical Applied Science from Roger Williams College - 1966

Mechanical Design from Rhode Island School of Design - 1967

Licenses & Certifications

Professional Engineer: Florida, Rhode Island, Massachusetts (formerly Texas and Colorado)

Florida Certified Radon Mitigation Specialist

Professional affiliations

Board of Appeals, Boca Raton, FL (Past member)

Board of Appeals, North Providence, RI (Past member)

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